Monday, August 5, 2013

Exciting News!

I took a break from blogging here at Christmas time and somehow didn't make it back until now.  I've been working on some things in the meantime, however, and have exciting news to share!  Two things, actually.

First, I now have an Etsy shop up and running!  I've wanted to do this for a long time, so this is really exciting for me!  Currently it holds listings for the Burlap Coffee Bag Totes that I make, and I'll hopefully be adding more soon.  I'll share here when I have listed more items.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the shop at:!

Secondly, I now have some of my products for sale in a local kids shop!  Bee Bops and Lollipops is a darling kids store located in the cute little town of Snohomish.  Currently, about half their inventory is handmade by local artists, and I'm so excited to now be one of them!   They are selling my Keep-It-All-Together Changing Pads, Nursing Covers, Pleated Totes, and Crayon Rolls.  If you are local, I'd love for you to check them out!

My first "shipment" of goods to Bee Bops and Lollipops!
 I worked hard to get this finished and delivered before baby's due date!

Crayon Rolls!

Changing Pads!

Monday, November 26, 2012

For Sale: Laptop Cases

These laptop cases are a great way to beautifully keep your computer safe!

The case is padded with batting and then lined with a soft flannel to protect your laptop.  The case closes securely with two coordinating buttons.

The cases I have in stock are made to fit a 13" laptop (such as Macbook), but I would be happy to make a custom size.  

Price: $25.00

These make great gifts!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tool Roll Customization

I received a request to customize a tool roll by adding a close-able pocket to hold small things.  After brainstorming a few different ideas, we decided to add a zippered pocket to the side of the tool roll.

 I am so pleased with how this turned out!  Although the pocket was designed for a knitter, to hold needles, stitch markers, and such, I believe it would be handy for almost any crafter.  At 7" by 4 1/2 ", it is compact, but still large enough to hold a small ruler or measuring tape, a small pair of scissors, erasers, and other small accessories that are easily lost. Although I am happy to make any customization you might need, I've decided to offer this zippered pocket as a regular option.  A zippered pocket can be added to any size tool roll for just $6.00.

Monday, November 5, 2012

For Sale: Tool Rolls

 Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special "artsy" person?  Here's a great idea: Tool Rolls!

Tool Rolls are a beautiful way to organize crafting tools, such as pencils, markers, pens, crochet hooks, knitting needles and paintbrushes!  These make great gifts on their own, or you could add a few of the recipient's favorite "tools" to sweeten the deal!

Insert tools in pockets....
Fold over the top (this keeps tools from falling out of the roll)....

Roll up and tie!  Tools are kept safe and together!

The small size is perfect for holding sewing supplies
(or pencils, pens, or markers as shown in the previous photos)
The small size is also great for crochet hooks
(small paintbrushes would fit, too)
Medium size - great for knitting needles,
paintbrushes, etc.
The large size is perfect for large knitting needles
and paintbrushes, and other long tools.

Sizing Details:

Small Tool Rolls fit items up to 7" long.
They feature ten 1" (approx.) pockets.

Medium Tool Rolls fit items up to 11" long.
They feature five 1" (approx.) pockets and five 1 1/2" (approx.) pockets.

Large Tool Rolls fit items up to 15" long.
They feature five 1" (approx.) pockets and five 1 1/2" (approx.) pockets.

The number of items they hold depend on the thickness of the items.  With thinner tools, you may be able to fit more than one in each pocket, especially with the wider pockets on the medium and large rolls.

Small Tool Roll: $10.00
Medium Tool Roll: $13.00
Large Tool Roll: $16.00

I would love to take special orders on these, so you can make them "just right" for whatever your hobby is.  Perhaps you'd like a larger pocket for a pair of scissors or small notepad, or maybe you'd like to add a felt square to hold a few needles.  Or, maybe instead of pockets, it would be helpful to have elastic loops to hold spools of thread, small bottles, or paint tubes.  There are so many possibilities!  Pricing on special orders will vary depending on complexity and time involved.  Email me for more details!

Friday, November 2, 2012

For Sale: Crayon Rolls

Here is a great kid gift - perfect for the holidays coming up!  I have also given these as "big sibling" gifts at baby showers.

These crayon rolls hold 12 crayons (which are included), roll up and tie to keep crayons neat and tidy.  They are perfect for keeping with a note pad in the diaper bag or mom's purse, as an easy on-the-go activity!  Each crayon roll is unique, with different fabric and ribbon combinations.  Open, the roll measures approximately 12" by 5", and when closed the diameter is just under 2".

I have the above rolls ready-to-go, in my stash, or I would be happy to custom-make one for you in your desired fabric combination!  Each roll (including 12 crayons) costs $8.00.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bags for Sale!

Over the next week or two I will be listing the items that I currently have in my stash that are available for sale.  Again, if you are interested in purchasing, please email me at: simplethreadssewing at gmail dot com.

 Today it's all about Tote Bags!

I make a few different kinds of tote bags.

First up is the Pleated Tote:

These are made of duck cloth, so they're sturdy and heavy duty, but they're not bulky or heavy.  A really nice weight, actually.  The fun accent fabric is made of home dec fabric, and complements the main fabric color.  In addition to being at the top of the bag, the home dec fabric is used to line the handles, and also for a pocket inside the bag (perfect for the little things you need).

The size of these bags is great - large but not huge.  They measure approximately 13" tall, and 17" wide at the top.  The handles are approximately 25", perfect for throwing on your shoulder.  Because they are so sturdy, they make great book bags, but they're also perfect as a large purse, diaper bag, beach bag, or anything else for which you need a nice bag!  I have one in green and one in brown and they are $40.00 each.

Next up is the Upcycled Coffee Bag Tote - these are so fun!

Each one of these bags is unique, because they are made from recycled coffee bean bags.  They are lined with a cute home dec-weight fabric, which helps make each bag strong.  With the exception of the last two, the bags have printing on the front and are plain on the back.  Unless noted under a picture, each bag measures approximately 14" tall, while the bottom of the bag measures approximately 12" wide and 6" deep.   The handles are approximately 17" long, perfect for holding in your hand, or on your arm, although you can put them on your shoulder as well for a more snug fit.

Here are all the designs to choose from:

The bag on the left is a little unique in that the burlap is not only a lighter color but it is also a bit stiffer, so the bag is more rigid than the others.  Both of these bags are lined with blue ticking.


You will notice that the bag on the left is just a bit smaller, measuring approximately 12 1/2" tall.  The other dimensions are the same.  These two bags are lined with red ticking.


 These two bags have longer handles, measuring approximately 23" long, so they are definitely great shoulder bags!  They are lined with a sunburst/flower patterned fabric, which nicely complements the aqua stripe going down the front and back of the bags.

And in case you're curious, for a comparison, here's how the bags fit on my shoulder (sorry the pictures aren't great):

Longer Straps (23")
Shorter Straps (17")
Each Upcycled Coffee Tote Bag sells for $40.00.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bazaar This Weekend!

My first official event will be this weekend, the Christmas at North Creek Bazaar!  This Thursday (10-6), Friday (10-6), and Saturday (10-4), come browse lots of handmade items and Christmas gifts (including mine)!

This fabulous bazaar will be held at North Creek Presbyterian Church in Mill Creek, WA.  For directions, go here.

My table features a wide variety of things that you might enjoy for yourself or to give as gifts, including:

Several different kinds of tote bags, including these fun Upcycled Coffee Bag Totes, which feature burlap coffee bags lined with cute fabrics.

Lots of essential baby items, such as Extra-Large Receiving Blankets, bibs, nice thick burp cloths, nursing covers and my own unique "Keep-It-All-Together" Changing Pad.

The "Keep-It-All-Together" Changing Pad is a large, wipe-clean changing pad that features pockets for diapers and wipes.  The pad then folds and rolls up compactly, so all of your changing necessities are in one spot.  No more digging through your diaper bag!  It's also great for keeping in the car for emergencies.

A large selection of accessories including: Tool Rolls, Crayon Rolls, Fabric Pens, Fabric Covered Notebook & Pen Sets, Laptop Cases, Reusable Cloth Snack Bags, and more!

Come browse and get some early Christmas shopping done!